The Word for Sand

The Word for Sand

Heather Spears
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January 1988
82 pages | ISBN 0-919897-10-X

**Winner of the Governor General's Award for Poetry**
**Winner of the Pat Lowther Award**

The poems are informed by the author's long sojourns in both Canada and Europe, and a new horizon appears: the author gets acquainted with a group of refugees from the Near East and in some of the poems describes their predicament and her own identification with these homeless people, who begin to define a new country of the mind.

Praise for Heather Spears' Poems Selected and New:
"Heather Spears, our poet without borders, writes about human suffering the way she draws it - in a manner that is at once quietly unflinching yet magically transcenent." – Ron Charach

About the Author

Heather Spears, Vancouver-born writer and artist, has lived in Denmark since 1962. Her books include fourteen collections of poetry, four novels, and three books of drawings. She has won the Governor General’s Award, CBC Literary Award and the Pat Lowther Memorial Award three times. As an artist she specializes in drawing in theatres, concert halls, courtrooms, hospital wards and war zones. She has held many exhibitions in Europe and America. Check out her website.

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