Book Cover: The Wolf is Back, Robert Priest, illustrated by Joan Krygsman

The Wolf is Back

Robert Priest, Joan Krygsman
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August 2017
96 pages | ISBN 978-1-928088-29-5

*Gold medal from the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards*

Robert Priest returns to children’s poetry in this lively collection, where he puts his pen to creating rhymes about “People Like You and Me,” and shows how everyone can make a difference in the world. From the builders of ancient Sumer to the return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park, Priest spins story-poems that tell how the world and all its peoples and creatures are interconnected and invites young readers to join in his wonder at this magic. The collection will again be illustrated by the wonderful pen and ink drawings of Joan Krygsman, who partnered with Priest on Rosa Rose. In The Wolf is Back, several of the poems will be presented along with a musical score to better delight listeners.


"We Share the Air" (Kelly Shepherd, The Goose, 02/02/2018)
"The wide-ranging intellectual curiosity of these poems encompasses topics as diverse as ancient literature and architecture, wildness and ecology, and contemporary social justice movements. There are lyrics celebrating languages, the art and history of writing, and the groundbreaking but little-known literary innovations of women writing in both ancient Mesopotamia and classical Japan.… With lyrics that are sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, but consistently positive, The Wolf is Back will appeal to curious and fun-loving readers and listeners of all ages."


Back to School with The Wolf is Back (Robert Priest, All Lit Up, 08/09/2017)
Robert Priest shares a tale from his tour of The Wolf is Back.


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About the Author

As a performer of his own poetry and songs, Robert Priest has been delighting children and their parents for twenty-five years. Robert has also written and performed segments for Sesame Street, and Eric's World. His novel, Knights of the Endless Day, received a special choice award from the Children's Book Centre. Robert lives in Toronto where he is writing his second children’s novel, The Paper Sword.

About the Illustrator

Joan Krygsman is an artist, illustrator, writer and musician from Dundas, Ontario. Trained at the Ontario College of Art and Design, she works in ink, collage, acrylic paint and pixels. Visit her website,

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