The Medusa Deep

The Medusa Deep

David Neil Lee
  • $15.00

JUNE 2021
276 pages | ISBN 978-1-989496-31-2

“Look to the west – something is coming!”

Nate Silva has enough to deal with at home, with a house full of unwanted relatives and the scars from his last encounters with the Resurrection Church of the Ancient Gods keeping him up at night, so there is no way he is looking west, no matter who warns him. But before he knows it, Nate finds himself press-ganged into service on Sorcerer, the airship that’s haunted his dreams since the last midnight games, and quickly discovers its terrifying secrets. Now Nate is headed just where he doesn’t want to go, to the Pacific Ocean, where a Great Old One, trapped for decades in the wreckage of a sunken ship, schemes to rise again from the undersea abyss called the Medusa Deep.

In this electrifying follow-up to his award-winning young adult novel The Midnight Games, David Neil Lee takes Nate Silva to the rain-swept Pacific coast. There, with old and new friends, he once more confronts an ancient evil, all while the Resurrection Church threatens to return to power at home.

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The Medusa Deep (Ronald Hore, Canadian Review of Materials, 17/05/2024)
"If the reader, like me, enjoys nameless drooling Lovecraftian monsters, heroic teenagers, a wild assortment of interesting characters, snappy dialogue, and tales that end by leaving you hanging on the edge of a cliff, The Medusa Deep may well be for you."

The Medusa Deep (James Steeves, YAdudebooks, 06/01/2023)
"An action-driven adventure that combines alien fantasy with local history and geography [...] Warning: The reader will want to avoid large insects for the foreseeable future."

THE MEDUSA DEEP (Kirkus Reviews, 11/01/2022)
"Familiar mythical creatures bolster this dark, ongoing adventure."


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Jamie Tennant talks to David about The Medusa Deep.

The Medusa Deep (Laura Brody, CHCH Morning Live, 16/06/2021)
An interview with David on CHCH's Morning Live.


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A nice piece about David Lee's series.

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Find out why, if you liked Lovecraft Country, you should read The Medusa Deep.

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A wonderful write-up on David Neil Lee's The Medusa Deep.

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About the Author

David Neil Lee is a writer and double bassist. Originally from BC, he spent years in the Toronto art scene and on BC's Sunshine Coast, and currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He has just finished a PhD in English at the University of Guelph. In 2012, Toronto's Tightrope Books issued David's first novel, Commander Zero. In 2014, a new and revised edition of David's critically acclaimed jazz book The Battle of the Five Spot: Ornette Coleman and the New York Jazz Field was launched at the New School for Public Engagement in New York City. In 2016, the City of Hamilton awarded the Kerry Schooley award for the book that "best conveys the spirit of Hamilton" to David's Lovecraftian young adult novel, The Midnight Games.

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