Book cover: Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female

Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female

Tanis MacDonald
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June 14, 2022
218 PAGES | ISBN 978-1-989496-53-4

**Honourable Mention for the 2024 Alanna Bondar Memorial Book Prize**
**Honourable Mention for the VMI Betsy Warland Between Genres Award**

In this wide-ranging collection of essays Tanis MacDonald walks the reader down many paths, pointing out the sights, exclaiming over birds, sharing stories and asking questions about just who gets to walk freely through our cities, parks and wilderness. From a child spotting a snowy owl on her way to school to a young woman watching her own distinctive walk be imitated in an acting class, MacDonald shares how walking has shaped her life and the lives of many others. Wry, smart, political and lyrical, these essays share the joy of walking as well its danger and uncover the promise it offers – of healing, of companionship and of understanding.

Advanced Praise

"Tanis MacDonald walks her world as 'the ever-shifting all' of her, curious, wise, witty, thoughtful and engaging. Meander with this fine writer in the real and the imaginary; prepare to be provoked, inspired, gutted and joyful. Straggle is a marvel of a book: follow its fascinating trails." – Lorri Neilsen Glenn, author of Following the River: Traces of Red River Women

"Straggle is a poetic and illuminating collection of essays on the various paths that are open and closed to women – some dangerous, others freeing; some excluding us and others purportedly for everyone. I learned a lot from Tanis MacDonald’s wide-ranging and singular perspectives on everything from roadkill to stalkers to new ways of looking at birds. I held my breath while reading this book and at other times I laughed out loud. We should all be so lucky to have MacDonald as our strolling companion." – Emily Urquhart, author of The Age of Creativity: Art, Memory, My Father, and Me


4 Recent Reads (Shawna Lemay, Transactions with Beauty, 21/02/2024)
"Adds so eloquently and elegantly and feistily to the literature of walking."

Double Review! Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female by Tanis MacDonald & Field Notes on Listening by Kit Dobson (Jody Baltessen, Prairie Fire, 8/12/2023)
"Straggle points the reader toward an activist consideration of walking. One that opens up restorative alternatives to entrenched colonial concepts of place and belonging."

Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female by Tanis MacDonald (Michael Greenstein, Miramichi Reader, 15/01/2023)
"A flaneuse for all seasons, MacDonald treks across much territory, walking the talk, and talking the walk. [...] She writes through looking glasses, leaves, and grass, holding ground, lines, and lives of daughters who converge in elegiac and witty ways."

Kim Fahner : Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female, by Tanis MacDonald (Kim Fahner, periodicities, 02/08/2022)
"So much of what Tanis MacDonald’s Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female does is make a reader think about how identity, personal agency, self-reflection, oppression, gender, violence, equity, diversity, and colonization can all be tied to the physical act of women walking, speaking, and taking up their rightful space."

Step by step (Gail Perry, Winnipeg Free Press, 25/06/2022)
"This contemplative rendition on walking stands apart from what has come before it — books on fitness, pilgrimage, adventure. It is about walking the best one can in the circumstances. It is relatable and triumphant."

Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female (Stacey May Fowles, Quill & Quire, June 2022)
"Bringing her keen poet’s eye to the essay form, her approach is lyrical and wide-ranging, examining the privileges and exclusions of the simple stroll, and asks us to consider who gets to navigate the world freely and who does not."


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"An Act of Freedom and a Precarious Practice" Tanis MacDonald on the Politics and Culture of Taking a Walk (Tanis MacDonald, Open Book, 13/07/2022)
"There are a lot of books written about walking, but I wanted to zero in on the paradox of walking as an act of freedom and walking as a precarious practice for women and other people whose safety is sometimes threatened. "

Pedestrian Crossing: Recommended Reads About Walking (Tanis MacDonald, 49th Shelf, 23/06/2022)
Tanis puts together a recommended reading list.

Tanis MacDonald (Eden Mills Writers Festival, 28/06/2022)
"I hope that readers begin to challenge their assumptions about the spaces they pass through and how they do it: who is allowed, who is safe, and who might be 'locomoting' differently than themselves."

Episode 5 | Tanis MacDonald (Claire Tacon, Parallel Careers, 27/05/2022)
Tanis MacDonald encourages us to challenge the voices in the canon that do not satisfy, and examines her changing relationship with both walking and art.


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Tanis has made a series of videos available based on her events at the Winnipeg Thin Air festival.

About the Author

Tanis MacDonald is an essayist, poet, professor and free-range literary animal. She is the host of the podcast Watershed Writers, and the author of Out of Line: Daring to Be an Artist Outside the Big City. Her essay “Mondegreen Girls” won the Open Seasons Award for Creative Nonfiction in 2021. She identifies as a bad birder, and lives near Ose’kowáhne in southwestern Ontario as a grateful guest on traditional Haudenosaunee territory.

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