Matt Cahill
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October 11, 2022
300 PAGES | ISBN 978-1-989496-57-2

In Radioland, Matt Cahill’s mesmerizing new literary thriller, music, fame and magic wind together in an eerie mystery.

There are whispers about murders on the scene in Toronto, from bartenders, hairdressers and others who trade in rumours. When the bodies are found they are altered in disturbing ways. No one knows who the killer could be. Perhaps it is Kris, a troubled musician who has just reached a level of fame only to have his life collapse around him. Perhaps it is Jill, a sensitive with a dangerous magic that calls strangers to her.

As Kris struggles to deal with a childhood experience of sexual abuse he finds a strange advertisement on a hydro pole. By answering it he begins texting Jill, another lost soul reaching out for connection. In bits and pieces, they share their stories, discovering truths about themselves and the people surrounding them, until they must face the danger that is stalking them both.

Advance Praise

"Twisting and turning between rock musician Kris and 'house cleanser’ Jill, Radioland serves up a terrifying, dangerous and electrifying tale that pinpoints where we belong and who we belong to. A wildly weird look at an off-kilter world full of crime and fear, Matt Cahill’s new novel will keep you up at night wondering what's real and what isn’t."
– Michelle Berry, author of Everything Turns Away and The Prisoner and the Chaplain

About the Author

Matt Cahill is a Toronto writer whose debut novel, The Society of Experience, was picked as a must-read by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. His short stories have appeared with Found Press, The Quarantine Review and Fusion Fragment. His essay “On Madness Within Imagination” was selected for Best Canadian Essays 2017. He has a private practice as a psychotherapist.

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