Poems Selected and New

Poems Selected and New

Heather Spears
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January 1998
112 pages | ISBN 978-0-919897-61-8

"Anyone who has watched Heather Spears drawing her fast, incisive portraits will have been astonished by the sureness of her hand and the sympathy of her eye. She writes poems the same way: unblinking in their honesty but tender in their empathy, cutting straight to the heart of the matte but never forgetting that what she finds there is a heart." – Stephen Scobie


Art of Sinking in Poetry (Jon Kertzer, Canadian Literature, 9/1/2000)
"This collection reveals a deft poet who achieves intense effects without the insistence of Crosbie or the bated breath of Legris."

About the Author

Heather Spears, Vancouver-born writer and artist, has lived in Denmark since 1962. Her books include fourteen collections of poetry, four novels, and three books of drawings. She has won the Governor General’s Award, CBC Literary Award and the Pat Lowther Memorial Award three times. As an artist she specializes in drawing in theatres, concert halls, courtrooms, hospital wards and war zones. She has held many exhibitions in Europe and America. Check out her website.

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