Prathna Lor
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April 26, 2022
80 PAGES | ISBN 978-1-989496-49-7

In Prathna Lor’s first full-length collection we are introduced to a unique voice in Canadian poetry. Moving fluidly between prose poems and more fractured, open verse, Lor meditates on voice, on disaster and on identity, pushing always against commodification, against a consumable narrative.

Advance Praise

"In the luminous pages of Emanations we encounter nothing less than a radical philosophy of being: 'I never emerge / seeking only insurgence / a moment of recovery / to listen extraordinarily.' The language here is insistently embodied yet metaphysical – affective, conceptual, and inspiringly bold in both directness and vulnerability: 'If whatever can be said / is eruption, let me speak plainly.' Prathna Lor has gifted us with a vital book for our time, a needful summons to life and possibility ever abounding: 'What will it take for you to know that it’s enough / To wander into marvels.'" – David Chariandy, author of Soucouyant and Brother

"These poems conduct language in the manner of electricity passing through the body. Emanations is a compassionate transmission of mutating reverence and alienation for this life. Prathna Lor allows us to receive 'untouchable slumbering / beneath the creak.' Here is delight, terror and peace. Wander in and receive them.” – Lee Suksi, author of The Nerves


"I Saw That Language Could Break and Be Reassembled" Prathna Lor on Early Reading & Their Poetry Debut (Prathna Lor, Open Book, 15/03/2022)
"I remember being viscerally struck by The Waves [by Virginia Woolf]. I felt something in my gut. There was beauty and voice and although a novel I saw, for the first time, what a poem is and what it could do."


Click here to read an excerpt of Emanations.

About the Author

Prathna Lor is a poet, essayist, editor and educator, who has published in Canadian Literature, DIAGRAM, C Magazine, Jacket2, Poetry is Dead and Plenitude Magazine, among others. Lor is Poetry Editor at Shrapnel Magazine and holds a PhD from the University of Toronto. They live in Montreal, QC.

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