All the Animals on Earth

All the Animals on Earth

Mark Sampson
  • $22.00

September 2020
300 PAGES | ISBN 978-1-989496-10-7

Earth's population quadruples overnight with the appearance of strange new beings known as "Blomers."
Now human, or at least human-like, Blomers bring with them certain talents based on their forebears: foxes are mathematically inclined, blue jays are visually artistic and gophers are courageous and strong. But with these aptitudes come a predilection for a free and open sexuality and a tendency toward violence among their own kind. Humans are at best bemused and at worst horrified by the Blomers' bizarre behaviour.
Buttoned-down insurance manager Hector Thompson hates two things: change and science fiction. Finding himself in the middle of both, Hector must embark on a road trip across North America to reckon with the full impact of pullulation and what responsibilities he has to the rapidly changing society in which he lives.


Q&A with Writer Mark Sampson on his Novel “All The Animals on Earth” (The Library of Pacific Tranquility, 05/04/2020)
"I think novelists get a bit squirrelly when reality starts to become stranger than fiction."


Spring Books Preview (the Globe and Mail, 18/04/2020)
"Struggling with the new social norms in the real world? Get lost in a different kind of social confusion instead."

A World Turned Upside Down (Trevor J. Adams, Halifax Magazine, 24/03/2020)
"While Sampson's writing often comes with sharp, wry humour, this kind of satire, with all its ensuing absurdity, is something new for him."

Most Anticipated: Spring 2020 Fiction Preview (49th Shelf, 06/01/2020)
Mark's novel is chosen as one of 49th Shelf's Most Anticipated spring books!

About the Author

Mark Sampson is the author of five previous books: the novels The Slip (Dundurn Press, 2017), Sad Peninsula (Dundurn Press, 2014) and Off Book (Norwood Publishing, 2007); the short story collection The Secrets Men Keep (Now or Never Publishing, 2015); and the poetry collection Weathervane (Palimpsest Press, 2016). Mark has published many short stories and poems in literary journals across Canada, including in The New Quarterly, The Antigonish Review, PRISM international, The Nashwaak Review, The Puritan, This magazine and FreeFall. He is a frequent book reviewer for Quill & Quire, Canadian Notes & Queries (CNQ) and other publications. Born and raised on Prince Edward Island, he currently lives and writes in Toronto.

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