Full depth: the Raymond Knister poems

Full depth: the Raymond Knister poems

Micheline Maylor
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April 2007
86 pages | ISBN 978-1-894987-17-2

Raymond Knister was a rising Canadian literary star when he died mysteriously of drowning in 1932. In this debut collection Micheline Maylor considers the circumstances surrounding Knister’s sudden death and captures the voices of those caught up in this tragedy with deft poems. Treading gently through innuendo and rumour, Maylor draws the reader into the story with finely-etched portraits of the characters and their imagined emotions. Yet in the end the Full Depth allows the reader to come to their own conclusions, with Maylor’s light touch giving an empathic insight into the depth of the tragedy.


The Poetics of Love and Death (Anderson Araujo, Canadian Literature, 11/11/2008)
"Maylor's imagistic poetics and exquisite lyricism ensure an enthralling read."

To The Point (Claire Young, Calgary Herald)
"With beautiful simplicity, these poems trail the scent of ripe tomatoes. They stroke the skin at the nape of the neck. And they leave on the consciousness the imprint of a tentative footstep in snow."

Review (Anne Burke, Feminist Caucus, 12/1/2011)
“[An] extraordinary collection or sequence of poems.”

About the Author

Micheline Maylor moved from Windsor, Ontario, to Calgary, Alberta, in 1975 and lives in a little house beside the Bow River with her family. She has been the recipient of the Overseas Research Scholarship, the International Research Scholarship and grants from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. She has published poetry in over 50 journals in five countries. A certified poetry fanatic, she teaches various poetry workshops at the Alexandra Writer’s Centre Society, serves as its Vice President, and is the editor of FreeFall literary magazine.

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