The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits

The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits

Ben Berman Ghan
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May 21, 2024
310 PAGES | ISBN 978-1-989496-88-6


A gorgeously complex work of literary speculative fiction that spans centuries The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits starts in 2014 with a winged alien sowing the seeds of a strange forest on the moon. The novel then moves through humanity’s colonization of the moon and its consequences, onto a war with alien beings within a space-going whale, a cyborg mind that sleeps for hundreds of years after sheltering the city of Toronto from the worst of the war and finally a re-creation of humanity. Ghan poses thoughtful questions about artificial intelligence, humanities quest for the stars and ecological destruction in this wide-ranging story, which is held together equally by beautiful writing and deft characterization. The end result is an ambitious debut that leaves the reader contemplating many amazing possibilities for the future of our world.

Advance Praise

“Expansive, imaginative and thrumming with volatile life, The Year Shall Run Like Rabbits is a showcase for Ghan’s immersive and elegant prose to depict worlds beyond our own. Toronto will never be the same.” – Andrew F. Sullivan, author of The Marigold

“Sentient holograms, cyborgs, moon colonies, a dreary future-Toronto – Ghan’s The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits reads like a mythical, cyberpunk, posthuman fever dream. This novel is for fans of Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed, Larissa Lai’s The Tiger Flu and Omar El Akkad’s American War.” John Elizabeth Stintzi, author of My Volcano and Bad Houses

“Cinematic, poetic and overflowing with invention, The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits is a marvel – a heartfelt exploration of what it means to be alive, and a love story eons and galaxies in scale. I am in awe of Ben Ghan’s imagination.” – Kim Fu, author of Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century


The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits by Ben Berman Ghan (Laurie Burns, Miramichi Reader, 22/05/2024)
"This book reads like a technicolour acid trip, confusion and chaos in the best way, difficulty finding your footing, excited to see what is next. It also has incredibly poetic prose and big, imaginative ideas and could be called a genre-defying piece of work, horror and sci-fi, literary, and dystopian. This is a great read for anyone who finds themselves constantly asking, “where is this world going?” and feeling worried about it."

Locus Looks at Books: Jake Casella Brookins (Jake Casella Brookins, Locus magazine, May 2024)
"Shot through with love stories, anger at authoritarian cruelty, and surreal and striking visions, it’s an elegiac and ruminative novel – a strange but moving meditation on death and change and what comes after."


Lunar Forests, Interplanetary War, and Cyberpunk Heroes Are Just the Beginning in Ben Berman Ghan's Debut Novel (Open Book, 17/06/2024)
"Death is not the end."


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About the Author

Ben Berman Ghan is a writer and editor from Toronto, Canada, whose prose and poetry have been published in Clarkesworld magazine, Strange Horizons, the Blasted Tree Publishing Co., the /tƐmz/ Review and others. His previous works include the short story collection What We See in the Smoke. He now lives and writes in Calgary, Alberta, where he is a Ph.D. student in English literature at the University of Calgary. You can find him at

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