The Great Outer Dark

The Great Outer Dark

David Neil Lee
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October 31, 2023
250 pages | ISBN 978-1-989496-60-2

The electrifying conclusion to the Midnight Games trilogy.

Aboard the airship Sorcerer, Nate Silva rides a galaxy-spanning continuum threshold on a dangerous rescue mission to the home planet of the hideous Great Old Ones. But returning to Earth, Nate finds Hamilton in the grip of a newer, stronger Resurrection Church of the Ancient Gods and a mind-controlling monster called Oracle. Caught in the middle are Nate’s friends and a mysterious double agent, the enigmatic Dr. Eldritch. To rescue the city, and the world, Nate and his companions fend off dritches, night-gaunts and the shape-shifting Old One Nyarlathotep, then hijack Sorcerer for one last voyage to save themselves and their loved ones from the hostile forces that Nate’s friend H.P. Lovecraft describes as “the great outer dark.”


The Great Outer Dark (Ronald Hore, Canadian Review of Materials, 31/05/2024)
"If the reader enjoys unpronounceable nightmarish monsters, snarky teenage boys, and an assortment of interesting human characters, The Great Outer Dark might just be right for you."


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Hollay Ghadery talks to author David Neil Lee about his book The Great Outer Dark.

POWER Q & A WITH DAVID NEIL LEE (River Street Writing, 15/12/2023)
"What this does, I hope, is give a certain perspective on the powers that shape our own lives."


Laurier professor finishes horror novel trilogy (Alexa Ford, the Sputnik, 11/01/2024)
A lovely write-up about David's trilogy.

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David shares an excerpt from The Great Outer Dark.

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A wonderful gathering of Hamilton books in one place, including David's novel.

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Hamilton Reads (Jessica Rose, Hamilton City Magazine, 22/09/2023)
“In The Great Outer Dark, Lee takes readers on a voyage across the galaxy with protagonist Nate Silva who ‘arrives home to find Hamilton in the grip of a monstrous triumvirate.’ Lee, a master of suspense, once again keeps readers on the edge of their seats.”


Click here to read an excerpt from The Great Outer Dark.

About the Author

David Neil Lee is a writer and double bassist. Originally from BC, he spent years in the Toronto art scene and on BC's Sunshine Coast, and currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He has just finished a PhD in English at the University of Guelph. In 2012, Toronto's Tightrope Books issued David's first novel, Commander Zero. In 2014, a new and revised edition of David's critically acclaimed jazz book The Battle of the Five Spot: Ornette Coleman and the New York Jazz Field was launched at the New School for Public Engagement in New York City. In 2016, the City of Hamilton awarded the Kerry Schooley award for the book that "best conveys the spirit of Hamilton" to David's Lovecraftian young adult novel, The Midnight Games.

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