Letters to Little Comrade

Letters to Little Comrade

Dan K. Woo
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March 21, 2023
176 PAGES | ISBN 978-1-989496-62-6

In this new edition of Dan K. Woo’s debut novel we meet Little Comrade, a young woman at the mercy of the fates in the fictional country of Qina. Framed as an advice booklet, Letters to Little Comrade takes us on a dystopic journey that circles around Little Comrade’s attempts to find happiness and purpose in her life, whether by finding fulfilling work, finding love, by pleasing her parents or by leaving her country. With chapter titles such as “Keep Calm, There Is Hope,” “Exercise Is Healthy for the Spirit” and “Too Much Romance Is Unproductive” the author moves effortlessly between the bracing tone of a self-help book and the bleak story of Little Comrade. Woo also skilfully weaves in social commentary on gender relations, worker exploitation and government propaganda, with matter-of-fact descriptions and fatherly advice. The resulting book is a captivating and tragic story with a nameless, yet unforgettable, heroine.


Letters to Little Comrade: A Guide for Girls (Kirkus Reviews, 11/07/2023)
"An inventive, incisive novel about the psychology of modern China."

In Letters to Little Comrade, Dan K. Woo offers a satirical, ultimately tragic view of womanhood in modern China (Steven W. Beattie, That Shakespearean Rag, 13/04/2023)
A thoughtful and strong review of Dan's novella.


Off/Kilter's Most Anticipated Reads: Spring 2023 (All Lit Up, 03/03/2023)
Dan's new book makes this great, eclectic list of most anticipated reads.

About the Author

Dan K. Woo travelled and worked in Hong Kong and Mainland China for over a decade. In 2018 he won the Ken Klonsky Award for Learning How to Love China (Quattro Books). His writing has appeared in such publications as the South China Morning Post, Quill & Quire and China Daily USA. Dan taught English at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, and now occasionally teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. A Toronto native, he lives with his partner in the city and works for cybersecurity start-up GoSecure.

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