Ariel Gordon
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May 2019
160 pages | 978-1-928088-75-2

With intimacy and humour award-winning poet Ariel Gordon walks us through the streets of Winnipeg and into the urban forest that is, to her, the city’s heart. Along the way she shares with us the lives of these urban trees, from the grackles and caterpillars of the spring to the red-stemmed dogwood of the winter and helps us to consider what we expect of nature. Whether it is the fogging of mosquitoes, family farms and their futures, squirrels at loose in living rooms or infestations of teenagers at a lake when she is looking for quiet, Gordon delves into our relationships with the natural world with heart and style. In the end, the essays circle back to the forest, where the weather is always better and where the reader can see how to remake even the trees that are lost.

About the Author

Ariel Gordon is the author of two collections of urban-nature poetry, both of which won the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry. Recent projects include the anthology GUSH: menstrual manifestos for our times, co-edited with Tanis MacDonald and Rosanna Deerchild, and the third installment of the National Poetry Month in the Winnipeg Free Press project. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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