The Marvels of Youth

The Marvels of Youth

Tim Bowling
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OCTOBER 17, 2023
242 pages | ISBN 978-1-989496-74-9

Set in the short window between the release of the movie Jaws and the first Star Wars movie, The Marvels of Youth is both a paean to the magic of a child’s imagination and a compelling mystery. When Sean learns of the death of the owner of the comic bookstore in the small town along the shores of the Fraser River that he grew up in, he is transported back in his memory to a fateful year, when he stumbled upon an affair that could ignite the tensions of his working-class town. As the mystery unfolds, Bowling paints a rich picture of life in a fishing town, of striking workers and hard choices alongside the moments of awe and unexpected joy that a child faces at the edge of adulthood. Filled with unforgettable characters and beautifully layered storytelling The Marvels of Youth is a sweeping, glimmering tale, as mesmerizing as the river that flows through it.


TIM BOWLING, THE MARVELS OF YOUTH (Richard, Book Addiction, 23/05/2024)
“Reader, I was overcome again and again while reading [...] The Marvels of Youth illustrates the deep, simple truth that life is lived forward but experienced backward, through memory.”

Remembrance of Ladner past (Theo Dombrowski, the British Columbia Review, 26/03/2024)
"Bowling is a master in casting a luminescent veil of words over even the most mundane realities."

The Marvels of Youth (Colby Clair Stolson, Alberta Views, 01/01/2024)
"The novel layers worlds upon worlds [...] with language rich as the heavy salmon musk that permeates the town. Bowling is a dependable guide through these worlds, weaving nets of lyricism, mythology and superhero grandeur into the narrative."

THE MARVELS OF YOUTH BY TIM BOWLING (Anne Smith-Nochasak, Miramichi Reader, 23/10/2023)
"Bowling brings an era to life, not with sentimentality, but with recognition of all that is vital – the moments, the people, and the present that is shaped and sustained by that time."


The (CanL)It Crowd: Tim Bowling (Hollay Ghadery,, 06/03/2024)
"I derive most comfort and inspiration, perhaps, from long-dead and sometimes obscure, largely forgotten authors. They help me to understand that the power of literature, or at least its measurable effect, is really beyond our control and our own lifetimes."


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About the Author

Tim Bowling is the author of twenty-two works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. He is the recipient of numerous honours, including two Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund Awards, five Alberta Literary Awards, a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal, two Writers’ Trust of Canada nominations, two Governor General’s Literary Award nominations and a Guggenheim Fellowship in recognition of his entire body of work.

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